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Single Trip Travel Insurance

We can help you find the right single trip travel insurance for you with our helpful guide.

What is single trip travel insurance?

Whether it’s a business trip or one-off weeks family holiday, single trip travel insurance could be the ideal choice for you. Policies offer simple cover for anything for a short UK break all the way through to a longer trip travelling around the world.

Typically, single trip travel insurance polices and quotes will cover standard issuses such as emergency medical treatment, illness, injury, baggage, cancellation and theft of possessions. Most providers offers upgrades to include higher limits or add-ons, such as winter sports. Please bare in mind though every travel insurance provider is different and so are their policies, limits and exclusions, so please check the policy wording carefully.

Useful tips for single trip travellers

If you have an existing medical condition please ensure you disclose all your conditions during the quote and before purchasing a policy.

The purchaser must be 18 years or over and be a UK resident.

Many providers will be unable to offer cover for countries where the Foreign Office has warned against all but essential travel.

Always check the policy wording and summary for full terms and conditions of the cover.



Medical Expenses


Personal Liability

Guidance from Travel Insurance Quote on what the minimum level of cover your travel insurance policy should include.

Annual or single trip insurance?

If you only travel a couple of times a year, or less, then a single trip policy is more than likely going to work out cheaper than an annual one. However, if you’re (or plan to be) a frequent traveller, then an annual travel insurance or multi-trip policy gives you the freedom to jet off when you like but could also save you money too.

Key benefits

At Travel Insurance Quote we offer a list of travel insurance providers so you can compare cover, benefits and limits. Below is an indication of the maximum key cover levels across the panel of travel insurance providers. Please remember that limits differ by provider and policy so please check the details of each policy.

Limits are per person, per trip and correct as of June 2018.

How to get a quote

Simply click Get Quote and you’ll be shown our list of travel insurance providers. We’ve also made a short video to explain the process – click play below.

Important Note
The guidance offered on this page is simply that, guidance. Every individual and trip is different and you must select and choose your own policy benefits, cover limits and levels to suit your individual circumstances. Travel Insurance Quote or Grant Joiner Group Limited accepts no liability for inaccurate information or content on 3rd party websites.
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