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Over 60's Travel Insurance

We can help you find the right travel insurance for you with our over 60s travel insurance guide

Single trip over 60s travel insurance

A single trip travel insurance is designed to provide cover for a specific trip or holiday up to a certain number of days, normally around 90. So it doesn’t matter if you are planning a long haul two weeks escape for the winter or quick weekend break in Europe or the UK our travel insurance providers can offer you a travel insurance quote for your trip. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that being over 60 will not stop you getting excellent travel insurance.


Where Brits are most likely to claim on their travel insurance





Source: Association of British Insurers

Key benefits for over 60s travel insurance

Travel Insurance Quote offers a range of over 50s travel insurance providers so you can compare the provider, their cover, benefits and limits. The below is an indication of the maximum key cover levels across the panel of travel insurance providers – remember limits differ by provider and policy so please check the details of each policy.

Limits are per person, per trip and correct as of June 2018.

How are premiums calculated

Your travel insurance quote is unique to you, your trip and your circumstances, taking into account any medical conditions you declare. As a guide your premium is weighted heavily on the following three factors :

How to get a quote

Simply click Get Quote and you’ll be shown our list of travel insurance providers. We’ve also made a short video to explain the simple process of getting a quote for over 60s travel insurance – click play below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Important Note
The guidance offered on this page is simply that, guidance. Every individual and trip is different and you must select and choose your own policy benefits, cover limits and levels to suit your individual circumstances. Travel Insurance Quote or Grant Joiner Group Limited accepts no liability for inaccurate information or content on 3rd party websites.